The European Cluster Conference,
7–8 May 2024, Brussels

In the spring, Viexpo and NordicHub will participate in The European Cluster Conference 2024, which aims to highlight the vital role of clusters in advancing EU industrial priorities.

The event is aimed at all European clusters and those operating in them. The conference will address pivotal topics— the Green Transition, the Digital Transition and Resilience Building—providing a deep-dive into key drivers like skills, funding, and technology. The conference will raise awareness about the role of clusters, the European Cluster Collaboration Platform, and stimulate debates on clusters’ possible actions to shape the future of the EU Single Market.

Another objective is to actively encourage cooperation among clusters and members through matchmaking and networking initiatives.

If you are interested, please contact Triinu:
Triinu Varblane, +358 44 332 3134,