Developing and Supporting Clusters - Key Learnings from TCI Network

Thursday 16.6.2022 @ 14:00 - 15:00 EEST (Finnish time)

The webinar is arranged in English, but you can ask questions also in Finnish and Swedish. The webinar is free of charge, however, you have to register in order to be able to participate. You find the registration form below.

In order to be successful and fulfill their potential, clusters need to be organized and managed appropriately. In addition to this, the right kind of support for clusters is also vital.

To learn more about this and to provide valuable insights for cluster organizations as well as actors working in and with them, Patricia Valdenebro, the CEO of TCI Network*, gives a presentation in which she addresses the following key themes and questions:

✔ Global clusters trends

What are the most relevant elements in cluster strategies and programs globally?


✔ TCI Cluster Policy Roadmap

How to build the best cluster support program?


✔ Business models for clusters

In which ways are clusters adapting and organizing their operations in the new post-COVID scenario in order to succeed in the long-term?


There is approximately 15 minutes reserved for questions and answers at the end of the webinar.


The webinar is:

  • organized on Thursday 16.6.2022 at 14:00 – 15:00 EEST (Finnish time)
  • arranged in English – questions can also be asked in Finnish and Swedish
  • free of charge – registration required in order to be able to participate (registration form below)


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*TCI Network is the leading global network of people and organizations working in clusters and innovation ecosystems around the globe. Click here to read more about it.


For more information:
Lauri Laaksonen, NordicHub Manager, +358 50 330 6652