Virtual Nordic Cluster Matchmaking

9.5.2023 at 8:30 CEST (9:30 Finnish time/EEST)

To facilitate Nordic cluster collaboration, NordicHub and Clusters of Sweden are together with Enterprise Europe Network organizing a Virtual Nordic Cluster Matchmaking -event on Tuesday 9 May 2023. The idea is to bring together cluster organizations and other relevant actors, such as cluster support organizations, from all the Nordic countries to learn more about each other and to foster cross-border collaboration. Besides meeting representatives from other clusters and support organizations, the intention is also to provide clusters with inspiring information on cluster development and funding possibilities for joint projects. Therefore, this event includes both a webinar and a matchmaking session.

1) The webinar takes place at 8:30 – 9:30 CEST (9:30 – 10:30 EEST).

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Opening words

– Lauri Laaksonen (NordicHub/Viexpo) & Ola Svedin (Clusters of Sweden)

How to lead strategic transformation and accelerate cluster success
– Patricia Valdenebro, TCI Network

Overview of relevant funding instruments for cross-border collaboration
– Lauri Laaksonen (NordicHub/Viexpo) 

Representatives from Nordic countries present the cluster field in their country

– Clusters of Sweden (Ola Svedin/Carolina Garces)

– Innovation Norway (Anders Andreassen)

– Cluster Excellence Denmark (Merete Daniel Nielsen)

– Iceland Tourism Cluster (Ásta Kristín Sigurjónsdóttir)

– NordicHub (Lauri Laaksonen)


2) The matchmaking session starts after the webinar at 10:00 CEST (11:00 Finnish time/EEST).

This matchmaking session is aimed especially for representatives of Nordic cluster organizations and other relevant actors, such as cluster support organizations. The meetings are 20 minute long and you can book them in advance on the event platform (B2Match). We recommend that you register as soon as possible. More information about the B2Match platform below.

The whole event is arranged on the B2Match platform. We recommend that you register well in advance. Here are some important things to notice:

  • Participation in the event requires registration (link below). You can register using your own email address or by using your LinkedIn-/Google account. Observe, when using your LinkedIn-/Google account the email address linked to the account will be used. If you have registered previously the system asks for your password when you have filled in your email address and clicked “Continue”.
  • In the registration phase you can choose if you want to participate in the webinar and/or matchmaking session. You also make profile choices like what kind of organization you represent and in which areas you are active. These and other choices that you have made can be changed afterwards.
  • After completed registration you have to wait for your account to be activated whereafter you can send meeting requests to other participants.
  • The webinar link (Microsoft Teams) can be found on the B2Match platform after you have registered.
  • The matchmaking sessions is divided into three phases; at 11–13, 13–15, ja 15–17. You can choose the time slots when you are available. Each time slot is divided into 20 minute meetings.
  • There is a “Marketplace” section on the platform where you can choose from alternatives what you are offering (service), what you are looking for (partnership), and what possible project(s) you have (project partnership). There is also a field where you can freely describe what you are looking for (request).
  • There is also a “Conversations” section where you can discuss with other participants.

Click here for instructions on how to register to the B2Match platform.

Click here to find more information about the matchmaking.

The event is organized in English and is free of charge; however, you need to register in order to participate.

Click here to register: 

More information about the webinar (Viexpo / NordicHub):

Lauri Laaksonen

More information about the matchmaking (Enterprise Europe Network):